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Urgent Message to Save Venture Café's Innovation Community


21 Reasons Why Kinesis 2017 Was Where You Needed To Be On Saturday

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by Christina Celuzza in Uncategorized
April 4, 2017

Our first fundraiser, Kinesis, was a success! Here are the 21 reasons why you needed to be there on Saturday.

        1. Butler’s Pantry made people eat dirt and smash their salads

        2. The cocktail made by The Big O was the best thing since fried chicken

        3. Speaking of fried chicken, Butler’s Pantry made the classiest fried chicken you’ve ever seen
        4. HOK let you fly over & through Venture Cafe’s Innovation Hall, the region’s first civic innovation center
        5. During the event, our Super Collider, Claire Sharp, got an internship with Microsoft
        6. Ed Reggi & Mimi made our guests improv a startup pitch
        7. CIC turned a Pinterest idea into real life  – **Shout out to Accent Group Solutions for donating that legit vinyl lettering** 
        8. Homemade Oreos! Butler’s made all our childhood favorites!
        9. ITC gave us our own Bat Signal
        10. After dinner cigars made you feel like you were in Havana for a minute

        11. Awards that light up because TechShop is amazing

        12. Pikazo captured the night in AI-generated photos

        13. Urban Chestnut gave us beer!
        14. 4 Hands gave us beer, too!

        15. People drank wine and helped people with 100 Percent Wine 
        16. AB Mauri gave us the dopest raw space for an event & ITC tricked it out
        17. Claire got her selfie with Travis (see the video to get it)

        18. SLAM! Agency made us an amazing video about the connections that happen at the Thursday Gathering
        19. Microsoft was matching gifts the night of
        20. Tj Hughes demoed his interactive art piece, Nour

        21. Romondo captured 10 amazing stories on film and took photos

Thank you to all of the sponsors & honorees who made Kinesis super awesome, and all of the people who came out to party with us! We are floored and invigorated by the support of our community every day.

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