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Driving Innovative Outcomes - NXT@4240 with Deloitte

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by Christina Celuzza in Uncategorized
October 31, 2017

It’s very hard not to wish you had a crystal ball on your desk. A way to know what’s coming so you can make the best decisions and strategy for your business.

Until someone invents one, we will have to use some of the new technologies showcased by Deloitte on On October 26th at our NXT@4240 Thursday Gathering. Deloitte brought out expert consultants & futurists to show off how process robotics, mission-driven analytics, & augmented reality can be used to drive innovation in our companies.

These major trends in the marketplace are giving awareness to new solutions which identify, define and drive innovation in the small business community and around the world.

At Venture Café St. Louis, our NXT@4240 events are always exciting and informative, but we make sure to leave room for the serendipitous collisions. Here are some highlights from last Thursday:

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