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September 11, 2016
September 15, 2016 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
The Venture Café Gathering (Big George Brock)
4240 Duncan Ave. St. Louis
MO 63110
Score Office Hours | SCORE @ The Venture Café Gathering (Big George Brock)

Suren Khanna and Greg Christoffel from Score will hold mentoring sessions for start up and in-business clients. They will be prepared to advice on variety of issues such as funding, legal, business and marketing strategy, business operations.

Greg Christoffel and Suren Khanna have mentored over 500 start-up clients as volunteers for SCORE. They bring with them mentoring resources of more than 50 additional successful executives,CPAs,Small business owners and other experts; all volunteers offering free mentoring services.

Greg has over 30 years of experience in capital formation,accounting and securities law compliance with a wide range of business start-up to public companies, including venture capital fund management and angel investing.

Suren has run major businesses globally and has strong background in Marketing, Business management and Business formation. He recently led Score’s in-business clients counseling program (Business Scan).

Find your 30min with Greg and Suren here:

Stay up to date on weekly events