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Urgent Message to Save Venture Café's Innovation Community


Innovator Highlight – Daugherty Business Solutions

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March 3, 2015

There are a lot of exciting things happening in St. Louis. Innovation is playing an active role in much of that excitement and this week we are happy to highlight a local company that aligns with our belief that innovation is a process to improve the human condition. Daugherty Business Solutions is driven by innovation, is engaged in the local startup community and expands its impact by supporting veterans.

As a technology company, innovation is ingrained in everything they do. It’s part of the company’s culture, how they approach problems, and what keeps them inspired. In talking with them, it becomes clear that they want to constantly improve and find new ways to help their clients and team members succeed. On many levels, innovation is what they offer clients. For over 30 years, Daugherty has grown as a company by providing business value through the use of technology. It’s how they help clients think bigger, expect more, and deliver results. Essentially, innovation is their business.

They believe the St. Louis startup scene is exciting for many reasons. St. Louis is the company’s home, and they are thrilled to see the innovation and creativity taking place in their hometown.  The company founder Ron Daugherty summed this up in the recent ITEN St. Louis Startup Report, stating, “By fostering conversation and collaboration, we are helping with job creation and the bolstering of our local economy. Investing in startups is investing in the future of our city.” St. Louis entrepreneurs are a source of daily inspiration. Daugherty appreciates the drive, passion, and overall spirit of innovation, and is proud to support that in every way they can.

This week at Venture Café we are highlighting resources available to veterans interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. Daugherty has a long history of supporting veterans and it’s not just because the company is thankful for the sacrifices made by veterans and their families. The company believes that veterans have immeasurable skills that can help companies grow, and innovation communities in particular might benefit the most for several reasons. To name a few of those immeasurable skills, veterans are leadership ready, they keep their composure and find creativity under pressure, have big picture understanding and impeccable attention to detail, and they’re the ultimate team player. For a startup who is hustling every day, wearing many hats to grow their company under uncertain terms, a veteran is the perfect teammate you can count on to get the job done.



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