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Urgent Message to Save Venture Café's Innovation Community


Innovator Highlight – RubinBrown

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August 24, 2015

As the innovation community continues to grow in St. Louis, we recognize that success is dependent upon the perfect mix of startups, corporates, and innovative professional firms. RubinBrown is heavily involved in the local innovation community and continues to invest resources in helping grown STL’s next batch of Fortune 500 companies.
As an advisory firm, RubinBrown’s mission is to provide value to its clients. But when you look a little deeper, you’ll see that innovation is a huge part of being able to continuously provide value. The firm must be innovative in the solutions it provides clients, delivery of those solutions, and in interacting with the professional marketplace and the communities in which it operates. Being innovative ensures that RubinBrown is at the forefront of identifying and solving the most pressing issues facing businesses today.

I recently learned that RubinBrown has invested heavily in information technology risk services and cyber security solutions to ensure its client’s data and proprietary business processes are safeguarded. The firm is incorporating data analytics into the audit processes for many of its clients, driving efficiencies and enhancing the scope of coverage. This benefits both RubinBrown and its clients. Innovation doesn’t just add value to those you serve; it can add value to the company as a whole.

Speaking of adding value, RubinBrown adds tremendous value by being an active member of the STL innovation space. Just spend a few minutes talking to anyone from the team and you’ll quickly notice that they are enthusiastic and optimistic about the potential St. Louis has in becoming a top-tier innovation ecosystem. It speaks volumes to local companies when it sees investment made in the innovation sector. The investments the community has made in time, talent and treasure to support the growth and create the infrastructure has been impressive and inspiring, and the team at companies like RubinBrown are now beginning to see the fruits of all those efforts.

St. Louis’ innovation community is a driving force behind the region’s future growth and prospects, and the business community, as a whole, will reap the benefits. I’m encouraged when I see a company like RubinBrown making investments by joining communities like CIC and supporting organizations like Venture Café. They go one step further by focusing a lot of support on providing innovative solutions for emerging companies.

RubinBrown-Core-ValuesWhen I look at a company like RubinBrown, I am always curious about their blueprint for innovat
ion. After all, there are multiple methods for driving innovation, and unique circumstances will dictate what is optimal for given situations. The leadership at RubinBrown recognizes that the combination of certain “ingredients” can create an innovative environment. They explained that these ingredients are a set of conditions, mindsets, and resources that results in an open, collaborative, and inspired climate for innovation. When asked to be more specific, they shared the three critical ingredients that come to mind for them:

  1. Open Mind. Be open to exploring different approaches and listening to different viewpoints.
  2. Diverse Team. Collaboration helps optimize innovative processes. Seek help and build a team with diversity in backgrounds and skill sets. This helps ensure that the innovation team has diverse talents, unique perspectives, and has a depth of knowledge and experiences to draw upon.
  3. Proper Resources. Innovation will not thrive if it is not properly nurtured. Resources include not only the common, such as time and money, but also some that aren’t as common. A great example is top-level support. Buy-in from, and access to, senior leadership during the innovation process is critical to successful outcomes.

Speaking of resources, the team at RubinBrown put together a dynamic panel discussion for the August 27th Venture Café Gathering. If you want to learn how to stand out in front of STL funders, make sure you attend this discussion. Get to know RubinBrown by following the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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