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March 2, 2016

You’ve been there: The line is forming and as you wait you are struggling to remember your Venture Cafe password. All you want to do is print your name tag (bump that number up) and start with the serendipitous collisions. We’ve found a way to help — become a card-carrying member of Venture Cafe.

Some of you jumped onboard when we launched this late last year. Good news: the cards are here. Some of you are ready to do it now. As a nonprofit, we think is a great way to have a few people from the community provide some support.

Become a supporter and we’ll have a nice card waiting for you at Venture Cafe. In the next couple of weeks we’ll even setup a special check-in kiosk for card-carrying members. Boom! That will be awesome. Better news: You can use this card at other Venture Cafe’s around the globe (currently in Cambridge, Rotterdam, Miami and STL).

If an exclusive card isn’t your style, you can check out other ways to support our efforts by visiting our community experiment page.

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Stay up to date on weekly events