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Urgent Message to Save Venture Café's Innovation Community


Kinesis 2019 Recap

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by Tyler Mathews in Uncategorized
September 21, 2019

In years past we’ve talked about breaking down the gala experience to something more aligned with our culture and community, but this year we really did it. Here’s the recap from Kinesis 2019: Celebrating Makers & Doers.

  • 11 startup demos by startups impacted by Venture Café
  • 3 art + technology installations including robots that draws built by Paradowski, an alt-game, and 3D-printed garden.
  • Performances by Tonina, Pritty, and Crim Dolla Cray
  • More than 340 signed up to join us
  • In under 20 minutes we announced what we’ve accomplished, shared some stories, and made some announcements
    • 31,000+ entrepreneurs and 113,000+ visits at Gatherings (Cortex, 39 North, North City)
    • 3,000+ hours of free educational sessions
    • $38,000+ in donated space at Innovation Hall
    • $280,000+ in free workspace to 4,000+ entrepreneurs
    • 13,000+ event attendees at Innovation Hall events
    • $29,000+ in sponsored space given to educators
    • 3,000+ educators supported
    • $18,000+ in sponsored space given to EdHub Fellows
    • $4,000+ granted to educator programs
    • Announced a programmatic partnership with WEPOWER (EdHub Fellow graduate) to help Black and Brown entrepreneurs receive the tools they need to get their ideas out of their heads and into action.

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Host Committee

  • Matt Ashley, Booz Allen Hamilton 
  • Susan Barrett, Barrett Barrera Projects 
  • Saras Chung, SkipNV 
  • Tim Gaidis, HOK 
  • Michael Gallagher, Accenture 
  • Cathy Goldsticker, Brown Smith Wallace 
  • Mark Gorski, Wexford Science + Technology 
  • Karin Hagaman, Grand Center Arts District 
  • Patty Hagan, T-REX 
  • Jason Hall, Arch to Park 
  • Chris Hansen, Kranzberg Arts Foundation 
  • II Luscri, Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship  
  • Jeff Mazer, LaunchCode 
  • James McAnally, The Luminary  
  • Christian Johnson, Multipass Ventures
  • Matt Menietti, GlobalHack 
  • Kathy Osborn, Regional Business Council 
  • Joe Roberts, Webster University 
  • Donn Rubin, BioSTL 
  • Nina Sadlo, CIC St. Louis
  • Maggie St. Geme, Koman 
  • Corey Smale, Super Giant World 
  • Eric Heckman, Tani Sushi 
  • Liz Swyer, 4 Hands Brewing Company 
  • Stacy Taubman, Rise Collaborative Workspace 
  • Kate Turner, 23 City Blocks
  • Jane Higgins  PR
  • Anna Doyle 

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