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December 11, 2015

We started this adventure in October 2014. By the end of that year, we were averaging 215 serendipitous collider each week. Then…2015 happened. Bringing the innovation community together on a weekly basis with a full slate of content and five hours of engagement opportunities requires a bit of creativity, flexibility and a willingness to get it wrong in the process of trying to getting it right.

We couch everything we do as an experiment. Last night, during our 48th of 49 weekly sessions for 2015, this experiment hit a major milestone. The 20,000th visitor attended Venture Cafe’s Weekly Gathering in 2015. We are now averaging 419 attendees every week in 2015. 200 more per week than this time last year.

So, take a moment to meet the 20,000th Collider, Ayanna Flowers. Ms. Flowers is from St. Louis Public School and this was “officially” her first visit to Venture Cafe (she’d been in the building for an unrelated meeting previously). Thank you to Romondo Davis for the video and picture. And thank all of you (the 20,000+) who have made 2015 amazing.


Venture Cafe St. Louis welcomed their 20 thousandth visitor of 2015 tonight. Congrats, Travis Sheridan, Kar Kar Yazawa, Jessica LaBozzetta and team.

Posted by Romondo Davis on Thursday, December 10, 2015

Speaking of experiments, we would love for you to take a moment and checkout the Community Experiment we launch a couple weeks ago. Want to be part the excitement? We have you covered.

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