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Urgent Message to Save Venture Café's Innovation Community



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January 29, 2016

I think we need to prepare for a new level of serendipity for 2016. We ended 2015 averaging 418 people a week at the Thursday Venture Cafe Gathering. With a record 667 on January 28, we are now averaging 516 per week. Um…that escalated quickly. Below is a time lapse video from one angle in the space. It does not account for the collection of people on the first floor celebrating the MasterCard open house.

Where else can you attend a dynamic innovation conference on a weekly basis. Let’s break this down:

  • 500+ weekly attendees
  • 8 to 12 educational sessions
  • 5 full hours of collisions opportunities
  • A variety of industries (tech, bio, arts, education, non-profit, etc.)
  • Cost to attend: FREE

We do this because we really believe density and spaces for innovators to gather is vital to building a strong and community. Furthermore, it allows people to connect in a way that can accelerate the path toward success. From startups to corporate innovators to students to researchers, bringing this many people together every week will open doors and foster a new reality.

This past week was Powered By RubinBrown and we can’t thank them enough for their sponsorship. Props to them for sponsoring during the week a new record was set. I had the chance to sit down with Josh Leesmann from RubinBrown as part of our People Behind the Innovation podcast. You should check it out. Heck, jump over to iTunes and subscribe.

Finally, if it makes sense for you, your company or organization to align with Venture Cafe, we’d love to have you participate in our Community Experiment. The Thursday event is FREE because of community support. 2016 will be quite the year. Help us connect more and more people. Help create serendipitous collisions.

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Stay up to date on weekly events