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Urgent Message to Save Venture Café's Innovation Community


Three Questions for Tim Noonan, Boeing

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March 10, 2015

Our great community partner, Boeing, powers this week’s Venture Café Gathering. When we were building out the programming for Venture Café, Tim Noonan approached me with a simple question: In what ways can Boeing get involved and support the work of Venture Café? Tim leads the Ventures team for Boeing and moved that team to the @4240 Building as one of the first to occupy the building. He’s always quick to greet me with a fist bump over morning coffee and a word of encouragement. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tim to chat about innovation.

Travis: In what ways does innovation drive Boeing Ventures to new heights?

Tim: At Boeing, we have thousands of creative, talented employees shaping our future as an industry leader. Their ideas and solutions result in innovative products and services for our customers all around the world. Ventures is here to capitalize on those ideas. We can leverage the innovative thinking, accelerate it, and commercialize Boeing Intellectual Property. By doing so, Ventures is driving new growth, which is key to Boeing’s future.

Travis: What does Boeing Ventures find most appealing about being part of STL’s growing innovation community?

Tim: Since 2007, St. Louis has been working to develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem. One such way is through the Innovate St. Louis initiative aiming to create a vibrant entrepreneur-centered community. That’s what we are trying to do here in Ventures, and knowing we have a community that shares in that vision makes our work that much more impactful.

Travis: In your opinion, what is the perfect blueprint for innovation?

Tim: Make everyone matter – empower everyone to collaborate, bring forward new ideas, connect inside and out, and be part of making a difference. When you are a part of something bigger than yourself, work on things that matter, and be part of the outcome, innovation happens.

From the smallest startups to innovators reaching toward the stratosphere, Venture Café bring them all together each week to continue to ask the question: “In what ways can we…”

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