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Urgent Message to Save Venture Café's Innovation Community


Update for March 26, 2020

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by Tyler Mathews in Uncategorized
March 23, 2020

We’re looking forward to seeing you this Thursday. Check the lineup below, or watch for highlights and updates. 

What we’re looking for right now:
– Financial support. Gifts are being matched up to $75K. Give here >
– Sessions with DIY workshops(i.e., DIY indoor agriculture, how-tos)
– Volunteers to help with our online community

Check the STL Talks below:

Join us for Virtual Thursday (which, starts on Wednesday if you join talks in Sydney or Tokyo)

3:00–4:00 Info Table: Get connected with resources for your startup or established business | MOSourceLink

3:00–4:00 Info Table: How can Innovation Hall Assist You and Your Business Now? | Venture Cafe St.Louis

4:00–5:00 A Cyber Ethics Discussion | CyberUp

4:00–5:00 Sister Cities: A conversation between St. Louis, Lyon, and Wuhan featuring Realtime: Digital Making China Authors | Clément Renaud & DISNOVATION.ORG 

4:00–5:00pm We Have to Be Counted: Call to Action with the 2020 Census | North County Counts

5:00–6:00  Let’s Go Organic! How to Attract the Right People on Social Media | Arch DevOps

5:00–6:00 The 5 C’s of Credit and Small Business Loans and the SBA | Webster Center for Innovation

5:00–6:00 How to Access Military Grade Technologies for Your Startup (and Potentially Access 1M in Funding) | TechLink (a DoD Partner Intermediary)

6:00–7:00pm Expanding Your Physical Footprint to Accommodate Your Growing Business | Jacobs

6:00–7:00pm Creative Resilience: Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities | Maran Consulting

6:00–7:00pm Liberating hidden value from your technology, patents and IP  | Juldee Innovation Ventures

🌎🌏Plus, dozens of talks from the Venture Café global network! 🌏🌍

How to Join

  1. Go go
  2. Click the Join Our Virtual Gathering Button
  3. You’ll be taken to our landing page & FAQ
  4. Check-in opens starting at 11PM on Wednesday Yes, this will update your visit count!
  5. After you check-in, you’ll be brought to our Virtual Gathering page with the lineup of talks from STL and the broader Venture Café global network!

See you Soon!
—The Venture Café Thursday Team

Stay up to date on weekly events